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A report on the very successful June meeting of the Democracy café is on the Democracy Café page above. The next meeting – due to be held on Saturday 14th September will not now take place. This is because all those of us who facilitate the discussions and write up the web blog are unavailable. There will be a meeting in October.

We are part of a campaign to introduce deliberative democracy to the City. We believe that democracy is not a spectator activity but one that should involve us all. We think that what is missing is called deliberative in which ordinary people are given the time, space and capacity to engage in free and equal dialogue.

Our main aim at present is to create the first Citizens’ Assembly in Salisbury involving a randomly selected but representative group of people to come together to debate a local issue. As a result of this exercise is to make an informed recommendation to local politicians.

SDA is being advised by local academic Graham Smith of the University of Westminster where he is professor of politics.

SDA is not as yet a constituted organisation so in the immediate future we are pleased to be supported by Wessex Community Action in Salisbury who will act as the accountable body for any funds we are able to secure.

One thought on “About us

  1. What is the function of the Gallery page in the Garden of Ideas posting? As a visual artist, I expect a “Gallery” page to have a clear purpose and message. Have I missed?
    Christopher Browne?


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