New Year, New venue!

SDA kicks off the New Year with a new venue in Endless Street. Today

As we enter what I think may be our seventh year, we do so in a different venue in Endless Street in the Progress Café. We must thank Amanda enormously for allowing us to meet in Brown Street for the past few years which did also have the advantage of being able to meet outside during the pandemic.

The meeting is on 14th January 2023 starting at 10:00 as usual and finishing at noon. What to talk about? Whether it’s local or national, democracy seems to have taken a bashing over the last 12 months and the prospects for 2023 do not look too promising either. But you might be an optimist and can see brightness where others see gloom! Whatever your political bent or outlook, you will be welcome and we look forward to welcoming you at our new venue.

For those not familiar with Salisbury, Endless Street is in the north east corner off the Market Square.

Peter Curbishley